Wednesday Nite! Inspirations/Mutations!

Wednesday nite! May 26, 2010; 8 – 10 PM

Upcoming Rock-n-Roll Exhibition: S. GAMBOA a.k.a. STEVIE G.

:: Playlist, notes, & photos, handpicked & written by Stevie Himself ::

This selection of tracks is a synoptic reflection of the music and bands that greatly influenced me as a youth playing in punk bands in Washington, DC from 1988 – 2000.

Growing up in ‘The Chocolate City,’ a southern town with an incredible musical legacy the likes of Duke Ellington, Marvin Gaye, Go-Go and D.C. Hardcore, I was very fortunate to have been exposed to a diverse range of music from my peers in the D.C. scene where I was brought up with the understanding that being a punk rocker meant not only that you listened to punk rock, but were also open to listening to all underground music regardless of genre, an ideology that I still maintain today as an active DJ. While it’s impossible to list most of the songs that influenced me during this period that was the most formative phase of my life, this playlist gives you a brief but personal idea of the groups and individuals that impacted my musical direction, manifested my politics, determined my style and made it on the tour van mix tapes.

Hope you can dig on it…

The Playlist:
01. Lowdown – Wire
02. Peaches -  The Stranglers
03. Drug-Stabbing Time – The Clash
04. Down in the Tube Station at Midnight – The Jam
05. Damaged Goods – Gang Of Four
06. Why? – The Specials
07. (I’m) Stranded – The Saints
08. L.A. – The Fall
09. Teenage Kicks – The Undertones
10. Halleluwah – Can
11. She’s Lost Control – Joy Division
12. Swampland – The Birthday Party
13. Garbageman – The Cramps
14. Ghost Rider – Suicide
15. You’re X’d – Faith
16. Don’t Need It – Bad Brains
17. 12XU – Minor Threat
18. Bet You Never Thought – Scream
19. Drink Deep – Rites Of Spring
20. R.O.T.T.E.N. – The Nation of Ulysses
21. Nub – The Jesus Lizard
22. Sister – Laughing Hyenas
23. You’re Gonna Get Yours – Public Enemy
24. Sardines – Junkyard Band
25. Looking At You – MC5
26. Levitation – The 13th Floor Elevators
27. Come Down Easy – Spacemen 3
28. Come Together – Spiritualized
29. All My Feelings Denied – Thee Headcoats
30. Boogie Chillin’ -  The Gories
31. What a Way to Die – The Mummies
32. Born On The Floor – The Make-Up
33. Sorrow, Tears & Blood – Fela Kuti
34. Street 66 – LKJ

Songs remixed by Marlowe Bandem.

Roars, Rants, & Raves, coming very soon!


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