The Magnificent Zoot Suit Seven: Built for Speed

Just like the terminator once promised, a certain Leonardo has returned and this time he’s been built for speed! Yes, you read correctly, the Jakartan singer/songwriter has released a new album, Built to Race.

Leonardo, who used to go solo troubadour-style, has expanded into an institution of seven and named his new group Leonardo and His Impeccable Six. Once upon a time, circa his 2010’s The Sun album Leonardo was more of an adult contemporary, Jeff Buckley-esque, Tom Waits-ish composition kind of guy. This latest record sees him evolve into a zoot-suit era swing/jazz/rockabilly persona.

Consisting of 10 songs, the album title is picked from the first track, which is also the first single. “Built to Race” represents their group’s collective obsession with motorcycles—chosen as their first single for its dynamic groove—reflects Leonardo’s new and improved direction.

Produced by buttonijo, Leonardo invited a collective of talented artists from within the alternative scene, inclusive of of Bonita, Tika of Tika and The Dissidents, Charita Utamy of The Trees and The Wild and Bhismo of Kunokini. Recorded in Studio Tokove by Risto Rangga and mix-mastered by Andre Harihandoyo, the album which was previously released online only, will be published in CD format soon this year.
For the record, Leonardo and His Impeccable Six are Leonardo Ringo (vocal, guitar), Christo Putra (drums), Susan Agiwitanto (bass), Dharmo Soedirman (piano/Hammond), Daniel Sukoco (baritone sax), Andreas Pardede (trumpet), and Wahyu Maliki (trombone).

Get your free taste for Leonardo and His Impeccable Six by clicking over to to download their cover song compilation, Mirrors, via Follow Leonardo on Twitter at @leonardo_music to keep yourself updated. Or just go buy Built to Race.

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This interview was firstly published on The Beat (Jakarta) #95, March 2014
Co-editor: Lauren Shipman

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