Southeast Asia Closeup: Indonesian Punk Rock

This week’s closeup is on Southeast Asia, and the Indonesian punk rock scene, which you might be surprised to know has been going strong for many years.

The Southeast Asian punk scene is considered the largest in the world.

For this closeup, we’ve got Dr Emma Baulch, a research fellow at the ANU’s College of Asia and the Pacific, whose 2007 book Making Scenes focused on the reggae punk and death metal scene in Bali; and Rudolf Dethu, veteran of the Indonesian punk scene and former manager of one of its biggest bands, Superman is Dead.

Download the podcast here.


Producer: Beverley Wang

*The article is borrowed—with respect—from ABC Radio, Australia. To read the original click here
*Photo of Waleed Aly on the front page is taken from Flickr, by avlxyz

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