Rock-n-Roll Exhibition: STUART WILFORD

Edition: December 02, 2009

Rock-n-Roll Exhibition: STUART WILFORD
Gentlemen Take Polaroids

…There have been a lot of influential songs over the past decades
and it’s hard to narrow it down to this many.

Half of the artists listed here could be an entire show in themselves,
but here they are, my Block Rockin’ Beats…

:: Playlist and notes, handpicked and written by Stuart Himself ::

The Playlist:

1. Station To Station – David Bowie

Kick off with a big anthemic track from one of my early rock heroes.

2. She belongs to Me – Bob Dylan
Most of the time you ain’t got a clue what he’s talking about but in the end, it’s all about the feeling.

3. The Ballad Of John And Yoko – The Beatles
One of my favorite Beatle tracks. Of course, we continue to blame it all on Yoko Ono.

4. Skin Deep – The Stranglers
Late 70’s early 80’s The Stranglers were kings. I still watch out for those skin deep kinda people.

5. Some Kinda Love – The Velvet Underground
This album refocused my perceptions of music to the left. (or was it the pot)

6. I’ve Been Waiting for Tomorrow (All of My Life) – The The
I wore the tracks off this album in the mid/late 80’s.

7. Houses in Motion – Talking Heads
This reminds me of surfing around Spain and living in a VW combi with Talking Heads showing the way.

8. Spies – Coldplay
Coldplay sprang onto the scene in 2000 with this album and they brought it back to basics.

9. Changes – David Bowie
Off one of Bowies best albums, this was one of the tracks that set him apart from his contemporaries.

10. Always Crashing in the Same Car – David Bowie
By this time Bowie had moved away from Hollywood to Berlin and took us all with him. Getting thin, living on yoghurt, nothing like it.

11. Satellite Of Love – Lou Reed
With the help of Bowie, Lou Reed released this album and went from the underground to the mainstream. Listen for Bowie in the backup vocals.

12. Gentlemen Take Polaroids – Japan
Creating a kaleidoscope of sound and colour this was David Sylvian’s rich fusion of East and West.

13. Only When I Lose Myself – Depeche Mode
I loved the video that went with this and it remains one my favorite DM tracks.
~ Watch the video here

14. Sour Times – Portishead
Somber UK misery at its best and somehow, uplifting.

15. Sugar – Tori Amos

I love the soaring vocals at the end of this track.

16. Lime-Tree Arbour – Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds
Boatman’s Call was one of his best albums. Tracks influenced by the next track artist and others.

17. A Place Called Home – PJ Harvey
I went out one day about ten years ago after hearing a track on the radio and bought all her albums. I got to know PJ pretty well after that.

18. Pitch the Baby – Cocteau Twins
They were a hard band to characterize, totally original and genre defining.

19. High and Dry – Radiohead
What a great band and especially around the end of the nineties when they were still rocking.

20. Silence Kid – Pavement
These guys were the original living room rockers. You can imagine them banging it out in the garage.

21. Smells Like Teen Spirit- Nirvana
There was a moment in the very early nineties where rock music made a dramatic comeback. This track put it over the edge.

22. Mr. Cabdriver – Lenny Kravitz
The plight of the downtrodden was well depicted in this protest song.

23. I Need Somebody – Iggy & The Stooges
Revolutionary music from the late sixties perhaps, but basically, pretty good pub rock.

24. 1969 – The Vines
Speaking of twisted souls, lead singer guitarist, Craig Nicholls, unfortunately spent more time in mental institutions than on stage in recent years.

25. 3 A.M. – Matchbox Twenty
A nice pop rock track thrown in for good measure.

26. Midnight Rambler – The Rolling Stones
The Stones at their satanical best, caught at a special moment in 1969.

27. Not If You Were The Last Junkie On Earth – The Dandy Warhols
28. Not If You Were The Last Dandy On Earth – The Brian Jonestown Massacre

These two bands used to hang out, party, tour together then in the end hated each other. These two previous tracks sum it up.

29. Hell of a Summer – The Triffids
If you’ve ever spent summer in Australia you’ll know where The Triffids are coming from with this track. Shame that David McComb took his life at such an early age.

30. Christmas Card From a Hooker in Minneapolis – Tom Waits
What all time selection would be complete without some Tom? This track took him to the masses in the late seventies.

31. Fish Below the Ice – Shriekback
Another big unknown band of the late 80’s. Love that bass line.

32. Hallelujah – Leonard Cohen
Another one of my all time favorites to be played in your early twenties while discovering the world for the first time.


Note: Stuart Wilford is the guy, the mack daddy, of The Beat (Bali/Jakarta) & FRV magazine. He shares some thoughts for The Beat Radio Plus, too. Stu and I, we used to have a radio show together Suicide Beat Show back in the day. And yes, he does know a thing or two about bass guitar


» If you wanna download the whole playlist please click Rock-n-Roll Exhibition: STUART WILFORD

Upcoming exhibitions*:

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– December 23, 2009: Wenz Rawk (Editor of Rolling Stone Indonesia online, m/ metalhead m/)
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– January 13, 2010: Adrian King (Whiskey collector, amateur DJ)
– January 20, 2010: Sari (singer of White Shoes & The Couples Company, painter)
– January 27, 2010: Robi Navicula (The Last Grunge Gentleman)

See y’all again next Wednesday!

Boozed, Broozed, and Broken-boned,

*subject to change


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Shut up and slamdance!


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