Rock-n-Roll Exhibition: RUDEBOY DODIX

Edition: November 11, 2009

Rock-n-Roll Exhibition: RUDEBOY DODIX
Roots, Rock & the Rebel Riddim: The Rude Guide to Jamaican-esque Sound System

:: Playlist, notes and photos, written and handpicked by Dodix Himself ::

…A two hour journey to the “one love” fuelled of tunes,
presenting not just the original gangsters and the plaid clad
but also the Indonesia’s most influential Ska – Dancehall – Rocksteady bands…..

User’s guide: just sway and smile and try to work out if you’re moving to
the one beat or the off beat or the bass line or the melody or any one of the many delay units…
’cause one of them is going to get you…

The Playlist:

1. Jackson Park – Phase Selector Sound
It’s definitely 4:20 soundtrack…time to get high! A genius tune, from the Tennessee duo.

2. Drums Of Africa – King Tubby & Prince Jammy
Hey, this is King Tubby, do I need to say more?

3. Sleng Teng Dub – Crucial
Sick version of the Sleng Teng Riddim.

4. Wicked Rebel – Slightly Stoopid
Their first album was released under Skunk Records, own by the late Brad Nowell of Sublime and yes this song is wicked, literally.

5. Do The Tings- Wicked Beat Sound System
Jeff Dread makes many great dub compilations and this is one of the highlights.

6. Sunday Bloody Sunday – Tiger HiFi
Some German friends said Tilmann Otto aka Gentleman is German’s best reggae singer, but for me Tiger HiFi is way better than him… no offense dudes, it’s just my personal opinion.

7. Rudeboy – Dub Incorporation
I have a very limited information on who’s who in this band except this song kick ass and they’re French 🙂

8. Listen To DJ’s – Long Beach Dub Allstars
Following the dead of Brad Nowell, the rest of Sublime formed this band with some additional members but with the same attitude.

9. Get Ready – Sublime
Sublime is part of the roots for me.

10. Lelaki “Itu” (featuring Sundari Sukotjo) – Souljah

Taken from their debut album Breaking The Roots, this duet shows that Sundari Sukotjo isn’t just a Keroncong singer but she’s also a Rude Grrrl.

11. If I’m Not Right… – Goldfinger
Nice comeback from this not-so-Ska band.

12. Countryman Fiddle – The Aggrolites
They describe their music as Dirty Reggae.

13. Mountainside – The Slackers
Ska song with a touch of Latino, Vic Ruggiero is definitely a legend!

14. No Big Deal – The Specials
Taken from the album Guilty ‘Til Proved Innocent! which was released back in 1998.

15. 241 – Reel Big Fish
Best song from their best album Turn The Radio Off.

16. Kecoa – The Shaggy Dog
Lagu indah dengan tema yang sederhana… by the way, check out their latest album released Bersinar.

17. DHC – Dance Hall Crashers
Tim Armstrong also co-wrote this song.

18. Souls For Sale – Mad Caddies
My favorite song from this mayhem-core ensemble

19. Raw Revolution – Big D & The Kids Table
From the Strictly Rude album, this one is raw.

20. You’re Not The Law – The Dead 60s

Respectful Liverpool’s Punk-Ska-Dub-Reggae band, even Fred Perry launched their limited jacket edition…

21. Corazon De Oro – Rancid
Tim Armstrong is my God, period!

22. She’s Driving – Dogboy

From his debut album, this is his masterpiece for me.

23. Krazy Glue – Less Than Jake
The band’s name comes from the drummer’s dog, Jake, who was treated better than the rest of the household, so everything was “less than Jake.”

24. Kinder Words – The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
They scheduled to launch their first album after a very long hiatus, on 8 December 2009, titled Pin Points and Gin Joints.

25. Sound System – Operation Ivy
The pioneers of Ska-Punk, this song included on the band’s first LP Energy released in May 1988 and the band broke up the same month.

26. Hey – Suicide Machines
The one and only Suicide Machine’s album with so much of “young and restless energy”, they turned into politico with their following released.

27. Zungguzungguguzungguzeng – Yellowman
Winston Foster aka King Yellowman grew up in a Catholic orphanage called Alpha Boys School in Kingston, and was shunned due to having albinism, which was usually not socially accepted in Jamaica.

28. Kater For Woman – Admiral Bailey
My favorit tune, from “the hottest dancehall star of the late 1980s.”

29. Jamaicanese – Eek-A-Mouse
He adopted the stage name Eek-a-Mouse in 1979, taking the name of a racehorse he always bet on; it was a nickname his friends had used for some time.

30. Don Dada – Super Cat
Had an infamous bottle-tossing incident in a 1991 Sting stage show performance with then rival Ninjaman and “Don Dada” was a reply to many jabs made by Ninjaman.

31. Hold Me – Ninjaman

Catchy song, utilizing some part of MJ’s song Will You Be There.

32. Alms House – Capleton
Monster of dancehall.

33. Rampage (Alternate Mix) – Buju Banton

Ketua IBT= Ikatan Bibir Tebal, bersuara emas..

34. Sleng Teng Riddim – Burro Banton
Buju Banton adopted his last name from this gruff-voice-dancehall-artist, is a Jamaican word referring to someone who is a respected storyteller.

35. Run Dat – Ras Muhamad
A hidden track from his sophomore… this is rough and tough!

Rudeboy Dodix is a Ska cognoscenti. Used to be my partner in Glampunkabilly Inferno band management. Worked for quite a while—and reached “rising star” status—in Ritz Carlton. Now he’s a customer service consultant. And a DJ, too, under pseudonym: Sound Bwoy Dodix


♫ If you wanna download the whole playlist please click here

Homegrown & Well Known: DODIX


Upcoming shows/exhibitions:

– December 16, 2009: Armored Fate aka Morge Vanguard aka Ucok (Homicide [R.I.P.], wicked-ass MC, phat-ass lyricist)
– December 23, 2009: Wenz Rawk (Editor of Rolling Stone Indonesia online, m/ metalhead m/)
– December 30, 2009: Aldo Sianturi (Managing Director of Aksara Records)
– January 06, 2010: Hello 2010, Goodbye Jack Johnson—and James Blunt, too
– January 13, 2010: Adrian King (Whiskey collector, amateur DJ)
– January 20, 2010: Sari (singer of White Shoes & The Couples Company, painter)
– January 27, 2010: Robi Navicula (The Last Grunge Gentleman)

See y’all again next week!

Boozed, Broozed, and Broken-boned,

subject to change


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The Beat Radio Plus – Bali, 98.5 FM

120 minutes of cock-melting tunes.
No bullcrap.
Zero horse shit.
Rad-ass rebel without a pause.

Shut up and slamdance!

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