Rock-n-Roll Exhibition: JASON TEDJASUKMANA

Edition: November 18, 2009

Rock-n-Roll Exhibition: JASON TEDJASUKMANA
Green Leaves and Guitar Salvation

:: Playlist and song descriptions, handpicked and written by Jason Himself ::

The Playlist

1. Monkey Man – The Rolling Stones
The Stones nearing the height of their psychedelic powers.

2. Toys in the Attic – Aerosmith
Title track from one of my first albums in junior high. Has been all downhill since.

3. Shooting Star – Bad Company
Underrated ballad from Paul Rodgers, the man with one of the best rock voices of his generation.

4. Search & Destroy – Iggy & The Stooges
From the founding father of Detroit’s glorious rock scene.

5. Both Ends Burning – Roxy Music
The tune that turned me into a Roxy disciple forever.

6. Out on the Weekend – Neil Young
Neil speaking to his generation and many to follow.

7. Radio Free Europe – R.E.M.
From the band that put Athens on the map and created a sound that altered the course of music in the 80s.

8. Dozen Girls – The Damned
Vampire rock that bit way before Twilight sunk its teeth into the public.

9. Love Like Blood – Killing Joke
Buzz-saw guitars that have only gotten fiercer over the years.

10. Kundalini Express – Love and Rockets
Carrying on the early goth spirit only this time in white.

11. Blind Hearts – Clan of Xymox
The reason behind my college obsession with micro-cuffs and tapered pants. One of my all-time favorites from the 80s yet still so obscure.

12. Sorry For Laughing – Propaganda
German new wave that made you feel smart while shoegazing.

13. I Wear Your Ring – Cocteau Twins
Listening to Liz Fraser (and Lisa Gerrard of Dead Can Dance) was almost like going to church.

14. Father to a Sister of a Thought – Pavement
The closest I will ever come to liking country music (plus, I have always been a sucker for the slide guitar).

15. Flower Web – Screaming Trees
From the first album I picked up on my first day as a DJ at the University of Michigan’s radio station. Have been a disciple of Mark Lanegan ever since.

16. Gardenia – Kyuss
Marks my descent into desert rock.

17. Mach Schau – And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead
Art rock without the pretension.

18. Flower to Hide – Catherine Wheel
A trip into the territory Pink Floyd might have made had they survived.

19. Black Sunshine – White Zombie
Turned metal on its head and blew out my Walkman.
~ Watch the video here

20. We Are the Pigs – Suede
Occupied my headphones for two years in Valencia.

21. Skeleton Key – Buffalo Tom
On the turntable non-stop at my Paris roomate’s flat for months.

22. Do You Love Me – Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
A crooner that has often helped push me closer to the abyss.

23. Stinkfist – Tool
Maynard taking metal way beyond radio-friendly song durations yet impossible to ignore.

24. Knife Party – Deftones
First heard on a trip back to the US and left me stunned in the driveway.

25. Tomorrow – Dark Fog
Rekindled my love affair with psyche rock.

26. Dosa – Koil
A rare live recording from one of my favorite bands in Indonesia.

27. End Under Down – Assemble Head in Sunburst Sound
Psyche rock that may lead me to live one day in San Francisco.


Note: Jason Tedjasukmana is the Indonesia correspondent for Time Asia. The current president of Jakarta Foreign Correspondents Club. Ex-Metro TV news anchor. A freelance writer. A music critic. A deejay—DJ Bodrek, that’s him. And yes, a huge-ass fan of Mark Lanegan.


» If you wanna download the whole playlist please click Rock-n-Roll Exhibition: JASON TEDJASUKMANA

Upcoming exhibitions*:

– November 25, 2009: Ayip Matamera (the God of graphic design, ex-Jazz impresario)
– December 02, 2009: Stuart Wilford (The Beat magazine, music critic)
– December 09, 2009: Paulus Panggabean (General Manager of Hard Rock Indonesia, real Hard Rocker)
– December 16, 2009: Jerinx (drummer of Superman Is Dead, Punk Rock prince charming)
– December 23, 2009: Wenz Rawk (Editor of Rolling Stone Indonesia online, m/ metalhead m/)
– December 30, 2009: Aldo Sianturi (Managing Director of Aksara Records)

Boozed, Broozed, and Broken-boned,

*subject to change


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