Rock-n-Roll Exhibition: BELINDA KAZANCI

Edition: October 27, 2010

Rock-n-Roll Exhibition: BELINDA KAZANCI
Femme Voices Extraordinaire

:: Playlist, intro, song descriptions, and (most) photos, written and handpicked by Belinda Herself ::

I recorded a song called, I Fall to Pieces, and I was in a car wreck. Now I’m worried because I have a brand-new record, and it’s called Crazy!
~ Patsy Cline

When you write, as an artist, you do it to capture and hold a chapter of your life in the palm of your hand. Every lyric, every melody, every spark of idea, has a life of its own. It comes from experiencing love, anger, joy, pain, heartache, loss, all those emotions that make us human. When a song is born it becomes a part of you, and every time you hear it you get to relive that same moment over again.

Throughout history, there have been so many extraordinary female artists who have made a tremendous impact on humanity. I chose this selection of songs and artists because each and every one of them has inspired me throughout my personal musical journey and continues to every day. This playlist is for all those extraordinary women who have chosen to be naked to the world and allow the public to see into them. This takes more courage than one can ever imagine.

Peace & Delight,

The Playlist:

01. I Go To Sleep – The Pretenders
I have immense respect for Chrissie Hynde of the Pretenders. Her ability to capture emotion in every note that she sings is remarkable. The essence of that ability shines throughout this song. “I Go To Sleep” was written by Ray Davies of the Kinks in 1965. It was originally recorded by Peggy Lee and Cher before it became a Pretenders hit in the 80’s. Sia did a cover of it as well but I still feel no one has been able to capture the emotions behind this song like Chrissie Hynde.

02. Angelene – PJ Harvey
I love the simple melody in the verses of this song. It starts out very smooth and builds into to chorus nicely then back down. It’s simple what PJ Harvey did with the intro and the end. She sings the same melody and lyrics “My first name Angelene” but puts a nice parentheses around the entire song, so to speak. I remember the first time I saw PJ Harvey live. She came out on stage wearing a belt made out of a ton of hot wheels toy cars. With her raw and dark way of being, she has a way of performing and singing that captivates the audience through the entire show. Never a dull moment. It’s a joy to see her live!

03. Troubled Waters – Cat Power
“I must be one of the devil’s daugthers”. This is probably one of the saddest songs I know but there is something about it that makes you want to jump right into the song and swim. It’s the way Cat Power, American singer/songwriter Chan Marshall performs the song that gives me goose bumps every time I listen to it. Her voice is so raspy, soft and beautiful that you really get what the song is about. The song was written by Arthur Johnston and Sam Coslow and was first recorded by Duke Ellington and His Orchestra in 1934. Cat Power covered it in 2000 and it was a part of The Covers Record they put out. Beautiful record, worth checking out.

04. Wasted – Mazzy Star
So Tonight That I Might See released in 1993 is probably one of my favorite vocal records. Hope Sandoval, lead singer of Mazzy Star is a force of nature. She has a style unlike most singers out there, so unique, so divine. Check out her recent collaboration with Massive Attack.

05. Three Cigarettes (In an Ashtray) – Patsy Cline
Love the innocence of this song. There is a way Patsy Cline tells stories with her voice that keeps her timeless. As a singer, Patsy Cline is one of my biggest inspirations. The power behind her voice, her sense of ease and elegance is unlike any singer in history. She has a style that is true to her and only her. I have a song coming out on our new record titled “Morphine” which was a product of a month long addiction to listening to her songs over and over again. Her melodies got into my head and when I was writing “Morphine” I could already hear the bits of Patsy Cline melodies in it.

06. Tenderly – Anita O’Day
Though this song has been covered many times I love Anita O’Day’s rendition of it. Her sense of timing and playing in and around the melodies is remarkable.

07. Sometimes – No Doubt
I have to put a No Doubt song in this group because I grew up listening to them. I lived in the town right next to where No Doubt was from and I remember going to shows for about $5 a ticket when no one was there but just a few people. This song is off their first album when they were more of a ska band. It’s by far my all time favorite No Doubt song and one most people have probably not heard. The lyrics I can still relate to this day. Gwen Stefani’s vocal range really shines in the bridge. She can sing much higher than most people think. It’s amazing how young she sounds in this recording. Enjoy!

08. Why – Annie Lennox
I love this live version of “Why”. Annie Lennox is a powerhouse! Her vocals soar above mountain tops, into the skies and straight into your heart. Such an inspiration to me!

09. Gabriel – Lamb
“I can fly but I want his wings, I can shine even the darkness but I crave the light that he brings, revel in the songs that he sings”

This is by far one of my favorite Lamb songs. Singer Lou Rhodes of Lamb’s voice has a quality so rare that I can never sick of it. If you’ve never heard of Lamb definitely check out their self-titled album released in 1997.

10. Pancake – Tori Amos
Scarlet’s Walk in my opinion is one of Tori Amos’s best albums. The concept of the album is around a road trip she took around the USA. There is a commentary she did to explain each song which I highly recommend getting a hold of it and listening. Just the way she explains the stories behind each song gives you a glimpse of her creative mind and character. She treats each song like a movie and explains where the idea comes from and talks about the characters as though they are real, and maybe some were, who knows. Seeing her live is another story. Her ability to play 2 pianos at once makes her a goddess.

11. Kata rokkar – Björk
Björk did a jazz album titled Gling-Gló with lyrics mostly in Icelandic and a few in English. Love this song off the album. Amazing what she can do with her voice. Björk is by far one of my favorite female artists and she cannot possibly be from this planet and have a voice like that. Such a unique soul!

12. Undenied – Portishead
Beth Gibbon’s voice from Portishead creeps right into my veins and touches my core in a way no singer ever has. I had the chance to see her play live when she was doing a duo album and was on tour with Rustin Man. I was blessed to meet her after the show and she said to me one of her greatest influences was Grace Slick .  I went home that night and listened to a ton of Grace Slick over and over again in a way I never had before, with different set of ears and realized how much Beth Gibbons pulls from her stylistically.

13. Time After Time – Cyndi Lauper
A classic hit that will never get old. Great song with a simple concept in the chorus that works. Verses tell the story so well. Love this song!

14. Fever – Peggy Lee
Had to put this classic Peggy Lee song which has been covered so many times by a variety artists. Peggy Lee is one of the most influential vocalists of all time and it’s clear why just in her delivery in this song.

15. What a Wonderful World – Eva Cassidy
Eva Cassidy’s rendition of this song takes my breath away. If you haven’t heard of her before watch some live videos of her on YouTube and you will be blown away by the raw emotion in her voice.

16. River – Joni Mitchell
Love this Joni Mitchell song. Innocent and beautiful.

17. Landslide – Fleetwood Mac
I miss lyrics like these in songs these days. So authentic and captures what it is to be human. We need more songs like this. Stevie Nicks = Timeless.

18. Oceanwide – Halou
I came across Halou randomly one night at a friend’s house a while back. I walked in and it was playing and I was automatically drawn in. I couldn’t stop listening to their record Wiser for a long time. This song blows me away every time I hear it. The lyrics can be haunting and so true to what most of goes through in relationships. We have all felt the pain of heartache and this song captures it so well.

19. Can’tneverdidnothin – Nikka Costa
Nikka Costa can put on a live show unlike anything I’ve ever seen. She’s like a Janis Joplin reincarnate with a twist of uber sexiness. This song is about a saying her Mom always had “Can’tneverdidnothin” basically meaning you should never say you can’t do something because it does nothing for you other than bring you down. It’s worthless in every way and will never get you anywhere. What a great concept to pull into a song. Nikka Costa is definitely good at this when it comes to songwriting.

20. Trouble In Mind – Janis Joplin

Oh Janis! She is by far one of the best! No doubt! I picked this particular song because if you listen close enough you can hear someone typing in the background while she is singing the song. For some reason that simple sound of the typewriter makes you feel as if you’re in that room when listening to the song. My friend Rick Garcia and I have talked about writing a song in the room that Janis Joplin died. The hotel is very close to where I live now and though it’s a crazy idea, who knows, there might be some energy there to pull from and you never know what you can come up with 🙂

21. Let’s Face the Music and Dance – Ella Fitzgerald

Love Ella! Love this jazz standard. What a great song! Can’t say much more than that.

22. Time – Mary J. Blige
This song is off the album Mary released in 1999. Mary J. Blige co-wrote the song with Chucky Thompson and Stevie Wonder. I love the chorus of this song and as always Mary J. Blige knows exactly how to capture the essence of what the song is about.

23. Lovin’ You – Minnie Riperton
Minnie Riperton’s vocal range is unbelievable. Love the little bird sounds in this song. So sweet, so innocent, so airy.

24. I Put a Spell on You – Nina Simone
What can I say. Nina Simone, you blow us all away with that powerhouse of a voice. Her brilliant version of this song written by Screamin’ Jay Hawkins in 1956 will touch, move and inspire generations to come.

25. So Far Away – Carole King
This song brings back so many memories for me. Off the classic Tapestry album, Carole King’s songwriting skills and ability to tell a story so clearly comes through in every song.

26. Poor Butterfly – Sarah Vaughan

A beautiful story, a beautiful voice. Sarah Vaughan is of the best Jazz Singers of our time!

27. La Chanson – Édith Piaf
Édith Piaf’s voice has reached levels one can only dream of reaching.

28. Love Rain – Jill Scott

Jill Scott’s lyrics are blend of beautiful poetry & spoken word wrapped up nicely into a song format. She has an expansive ability to create a vision in your mind with her lyrics. Her voice and melodies are another story. Just listen to this song and you’ll get what I mean. This is off the Who is Jill Scott Volume I record. From beginning to the end this album feels more like a book with many chapters

29. What’s Love Got to Do With It – Tina Turner
The title is enough to say. What a simply brilliant song!!! This song will stand the test of time.

30. Red Morning – Devics

Devics is a local band out of Los Angeles that I’ve listened to for a long time. Singer Sara Lov has a quality to her voice that’s so rare and captivating that I have followed this band for a long time. “Red Morning” is probably my most favorite song of theirs. The band picked up and moved to Italy and spent some time touring around Europe. Not sure where they are now but I run into Sara Lov once in a while around town and always look forward to catching a show.
Love the guitars on this song. So simple and catchy.

31. Hide and Seek – Imogen Heap
Many years back when I spent some time in London I found a cd in the used cd’s bin at Virgin and picked it up. It was a single called Blanket by Urban Species featuring Imogen Heap. Not knowing who it was I fell in love with the song. Years later Imogen Heap’s album Speak For Yourself released in 2005 blew me away. If you haven’t heard the full album yet. I highly recommend picking it up. This song is one of the best off the record.

32. White Rabbit – Jefferson Airplane
Grace Slick’s haunting voice gets right into your head. I really like the dark undertone of this song. A classic.

33. Deniz Yıldızı – Sezen Aksu
Sezen Aksu is probably the reason I am a singer today. I grew up listening to her in Istanbul from a very young age; basically when I was still in diapers. She is the most famous and accomplished female singer/songwriter in Turkey. The depth of her voice has always amazed me and her song writing skills are brilliant. Last year I had the pleasure of seeing her live at Carnegie Hall in New York. I will never forget that concert. It was 3 hours of goose bumps, and childhood memories relived. This song is off the album titled Deniz Yıldızı which she co-produced with the talented Arto Tunc of the Armenian Navy Band.


Note: Belinda is the gorgeous voice behind trip-hop/electronic band Echocell. She is working as a singer/songwriter for other projects as well; including performances in major films such as Bangkok Dangerous, My Best Friend’s Girl, The Other End of the Line, etc. She also designs beautiful clothes, with her own label Gado Gado Apparel. Not so long ago, this Armenian decent—born & a part of her childhood, raised in Istanbul—opened her own boutique/showroom, Bel Kazan, in Seminyak, Bali.
Belinda is currently living in Los Angeles but traveling back and forth to New York working on the new Echocell record, which is scheduled to be out in 2011.


» If you wanna listen to the songs, go to Big Audio Dynamite on your top right and pick the playlist. Or download the whole playlist here

Upcoming shows/exhibitions*:
– November 17: Bonny Sidharta (Ganja Claus, bassist of Deadsquad and Raksasa, ex-Tengkorak & Vessel)
– November 24: Mian Tiara (singer, songwriter, jazz ingenue)
– December 01: Oppie Andaresta (singer, songwriter, rock-n-roll veteran)
– December 08: Lecir (band manager, melodic punk connoisseur)
– December 15: Meita Kasim (writer, ex-music director of Hard Rock FM Jakarta, ex-vocalist of Wondergel)
– December 22: Robin Malau (rock star turned geek, Indonesia’s hardcore pioneer via Puppen, living legend)
– December 29: Acum (asst. Managing Editor of Trax mag, vocalist of Bangkutaman)
And more exhibitions next year by Philips J. Vermonte, Taufiq Rahman, Che Cupumanik, Henry Foundation, Oomleo, Cindy Ishimine, Ardy Chambers, Anto Arief, Kemir, Philip Mimbimi, etc.

See y’all again next Wednesday!

Boozed, Broozed, and Broken-boned,

*subject to change

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