Cannes, Mix and Mismatch

Dear Beautiful People,

Berikut saya sisipkan beberapa foto para The Beautiful People saat menghadiri festival film Cannes dari tahun ke tahun. Artikel ini dipinjam dari (portal virtual untuk majalah pria Details & GQ). Menurut festival film Cannes tak melulu tentang motion picture an sich, tapi juga tentang sang bintang beserta busananya:

Cannes has always been as much about style as cinema

Dan sebenarnya si fashion editor di ini lebih tepat disebut merendahkan daripada memuji padu padan busana itu crème de la crème:

* Sean Penn dianggap kurang paham kacamata apa yang tepat dikombinasikan dengan jas rapinya
* Mickey Rourke sok bergaya berantakan—and totally uncool
* Ikat pinggang model Navajo Robert Redford yang kagak matching
* Integrasi sumbang jaket corduroy vs polo Robert de Niro
* Improvisasi bow tie dengan neck tie Muhammad Ali yang berakhir buruk

Dan sebagainya.

Saya copy-paste beberapa komentar yang saya anggap menarik/sinis/lucu, just so you know what I’m talking about.

Lepas dari soal kritik-mengkritik dandanan, buat saya foto-foto di bawah ini sungguh monumental, ikonik, state-of-the-art, oh-so glam it hurts. Dan, paling tidak via perspektif saya, tak seluruhnya padu padannya meleset; seperti Kirk Douglas yang masih tampak elegan dengan two-tone loafersnya atau Keith Richards dengan jaket kulit sempitnya (dude, Keith can’t do no wrong!).

Plus, harus diakui—dan jika memang hendak membandingkan—para cendekiawan busana di GQ & Details lebih berwibawa dibanding sang “detektif” gundul nyinyir di acara tivi “Fashion Police”.

Well, apa pun itu, silakan dinikmati.

Yul Brynner, 1958

Here’s a lesson in how to pull off a roomy, wide-shouldered silk suit. Step one: Gucci loafers. Step two: Be Yul Brynner.

Alain Delon with Romy Schneider, 1962

Two years after his brilliant performance in Purple Noon (that’s the real Talented Mr. Ripley to you), here dapper Delon demonstrates the power of understatement.

David Bailey with Catherine Deneuve, 1966

It was a good year for David Bailey. Antonioni’s Blow-up, which was largely based on him, had just come out, and he’d recently married Catherine Deneuve—who, we have to say, looks almost dowdy next to the swinging lensman.

Kirk Douglas with Anne Buydens, 1966

Strolling down the Croisette in the Swinging Sixties, 49-year-old Douglas may well be the only man who’s ever managed to look menacing in a pair of two-tone loafers.

Keith Richards, 1971

In town to raise a little hell and promote Gimme Shelter, Keef effortlessly pairs a broken-in biker jacket with a silk shirt that may well have been shoplifted from Savile Row. (Astute observers will recognize the chick who looks like she’s being eaten by a boa constrictor as Anita Pallenberg.)

Robert Redford, 1972

Just prior to going retro with The Sting and The Great Gatsby, Redford had obviously been researching the era. (With the exception of the Navajo belt—the specter of Sundance beginning to rear its head?)

Jack Nicholson with Anjelica Huston, 1974

The year that he took home Best Actor honors for his role as Billy “Bad Ass” Buddusky in The Last Detail, a velvet-clad Jack had plenty to smile about. Good thing, too—that’s not the kind of bow tie you wear when you’re in a lousy mood.

Robert De Niro, 1976

In town to promote Taxi Driver, De Niro wisely traded in the Travis Bickle army jacket for a more professorial polo and rumpled corduroy ensemble.

Roger Moore with Barbara Bach, 1977

Unfortunately, Moore’s head obscures the sign, but we’re pretty sure it says “The Spy Who Loved Polyester.”

David Bowie, 1978

At the height of his Berlin era, the Thin White Duke strikes a quasi-Napoleonic pose in a one-button suit and Henley shirt. Fittingly, he was in Cannes for a screening of oddball Weimar Republic flick Just a Gigolo, directed by Blowup star David Hemmings.

Muhammad Ali, 1978

Recently dethroned by Leon Spinks and close to retirement, Ali was still in fighting trim for the Cannes premiere of his biopic, The Greatest. He apparently had a hard time deciding between a bow tie and a necktie, however, and opted for a bit of both.

Sean Connery, 1981

There must have been some serious turbulence to cause the loss of so many shirt buttons. But seriously, folks, that’s how you exit a jet.

Mickey Rourke, 1988

By now, the Homeboy writer and star had fully perfected the slept-in look. (And we’re pretty sure we know how.)

Sean Penn, 1991

Hey, there’s a lot to be said for maintaining a signature look over the years. For the record, we mean the sunglasses, not the scowl.

Johnny Depp with Kate Moss and Benicio Del Toro, 1998

Fear and Loathing was bit of a mess, but Johnny Depp was anything but. If there’s someone who does the whole reluctant-formal thing better, we’d like to know about it.

That’s that.

Look sharp and stay beautiful, always (I’m not talking to you, Jack Johnson).

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