Big Durian and Jason Tedjasukmana

When it comes to the person who should be asked about hot spots in the Big Durian, Jason is definitely the one, having lived in Jakarta since the late 90s. He has worked as a presenter on national TV, a correspondent for Time Asia, and many different international travel magazines, and has been the President of Jakarta Foreign Correspondents Club since 2008 till today. Having visited lots of places and met many people, Jason knows Jakarta like the back of his hand.

What’s the best resto in town?
Hard to say. Are we talking best value for money or best food? Best ambiance or best service? I have to give it up for Eastern Promise for being consistently delicious, Cork N Screw for service and their wine selection, Bunga Rampai for high-end Indonesian, Boci Boci for the green salad, Tiga Nonya for the soto ayam, Din Tai Fung for the dumplings. I could go on but am getting hungry.

Any recommendation for the best new place to hangout?
That would also depends on a number of variables but if “new” is the main criteria, Union wins hands down. Great design, good music, fine chef.

What’s your favorite cinema? Why is it different compare to other cinemas?
As for movies, I have lately taken a shine to XXI in Epicentrum. Easy to park, screens are big and people are there to actually watch the movies.

To chill out, have coffee with friends, what’s your suggestion?
I like the coffee at Liberica in Pacific Place and am always happy to support any local coffee shop over Starbucks.

For art lovers, where to go? Gallery? Museum?
Jakarta Art District in Grand Indonesia is the most convenient but my favorite is still Ark on Senopati.

For bar fly and clubbers?
There is no one place that has consistently good music this side of Kota. As a rock dog I am a neglected demographic. “Superbad” is the only event that inspires but it is only held once a month at Jaya Pub. If I had to choose a club, I have but one word: Stadium.


*This interview was firstly published on FRV Travel, September 2011

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